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As one of the efforts undertaken to reduce emission from deforestation and forest degradation, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), through Presidential Instruction No. 6/2013 signed on 13 May 2013, has approved the extension of the Moratorium on Natural Forests and Peatlands in Conservation, Protection and Production Forests for an additional two years.

In the Presidential Instruction addressed to the Minister of Forestry, Minister of Home Affairs, Head of the President's Delivery Unit for Development Control and Oversight (UKP4), Head of the National Land Agency (BPN), Head of the Coordinating Agency for Spatial Planning, Head of the Geo-Spatial Information Agency, Head of the National REDD+ Taskforce, and Governors and District Heads, President SBY strongly said that the moratorium is also implemented in other working areas as specified in the indicative Moratorium Map.

According to InPres 6/2013: “The moratorium is applicable on primary forests and peatlands, except for those permits already been agreed to in principle by the Minister of Forestry; development in key areas, such as geothermal energy, oil and gas, power plants, rice fields and sugarcane fields; the extensions of permits for forest usage and/or the usage of forest areas for which permits already exist; and ecosystem restoration.”

President SBY has instructed the Minister of Forestry to suspend the issuance of new permits inareas as mentioned above; to continue improving the policies on issuing forest usage permits, and permits for timber and forest product extraction from natural forests; and to continue improving the effectiveness of critical forest management, by focusing on good forest and peatland practices, like ecosystem restoration, revising the Indicative Map every six months and legalising the revised map.

The President has instructed the Minister of Environment to take efforts in reducing emissions from forests and peatlands by improving the policies on the issuance of environmental permits for business activities conducted in forests and peatlands, as listed in the Indicative Map.

The President has instructed the Minister of Home Affairs to train and monitor Governors and District Heads in the implementation of the Presidential Instruction No. 6/2013, on delaying of any new permits and on improving the governance of primary forest and peatland.

As for the National Land Agency, the President  has instructed to continue the moratorium on land permits, such as permits on usage of land for business and/or other purposes, based on the Indicative Map of new license suspension.
To the Head of the Geo-spatial Information Agency, the President has given instructions on updating the maps of forest cover and peatland, with reference to the Indicative Map. This is to be done at least once in six months, in collaboration with the Minister of Forestry, the Head of the National Land Agency, and the Head of the National REDD+ Taskforce or the Head of any institution that is established especially for REDD+ issues.

Lastly, with the most recent Presidential Instruction, the President strongly instructed Governors, District Heads and Mayors to suspend the issuance of new permits for forests, peatlands, and the other areas as specified in the map.
“The extension of the moratorium in granting new licenses, new forest areas for business purposes, and providing recommendations, will be implemented for 2 (two) years from the date of issuance of the Presidential Instruction.”

The President has requested the Minister of Forestry to provide him with updates on the progress of the implementation of the Presidential Instruction at least once in six months. The Head of UKP4 and the Chair of the National REDD+ Taskforce has been instructed to monitor the implementation of the Presidential instruction, and report the outcome to the President.

Source: Cabinet Secretariat of the Republic of Indonesia

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